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Our yoga sequences are designed for yoga teachers and instructors. Be inspired by a various number of yoga classes every week, of different levels, styles and traditions in order to easily share a conscientious teaching.

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Teaching has never been so easy

Save time

Focus on your teaching skills (oral and physical adjustments) rather than spending time putting together your yoga class sequences. Fully present to the needs of your students, become an authentic source for passing on yogic asanas.

Save time on writing and designing your classes and dedicate yourself to your students, timetables, own practice and other personal activities.

Our large panel of sequences allow you to readjust your classes to the needs of all of your students and therefore gain their loyalty over time.

Stand out as a teacher!

yoga sequences teacher
yoga sequences teacher

How it works?

All you have to do is subscribe and access to all yoga sequences. New sequence are published regularly.

Sequences come with all posture details, notes with pictures and recommendations so you can easily prepare your speech.

Starting from $9,99/month access to hundreds of theme-centered courses and new ones every week.

Cancel anytime.

Various yoga sequences

Access to perfectly organized yoga sequences online, from beginners to intermediate level.

The sequences offer tips on how to adapt postures and the use of accessories depending on the level of your students. Allowing to improve the accuracy of alignments and the fluency of the practice, whilst deepening the understanding of postures throughout each practice.

yoga sequences teacher
yoga sequences teacher

The team

The YouTeach.Yoga sequences are the fruit of experienced, passionate and qualified yoga instructors. Thanks to their deep knowledge of teaching and years of personal practice, the yoga sequences we offer follow fundamental rules of diverse yoga teachings.

In respect of the Vinyasa Krama methods and in harmony with our society, offer your students a relevant and safer practice.

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Choose a 10 sequences plan and select yoga lessons you want or subscribe for $10 / month and benefit from new sequences regularly.